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Lazy Wife

Developed with: the “7 sotok” company (cell communication retail chain), Russia, Volgograd

Purpose: a mobile store – the mobile client for work with the electronic store which uses hardware capabilities of up-to-date mobile devices

The program is a mobile application that allows ordering goods by their barcodes using a phone video camera as a scanner. The program processes the barcode information and offers to add corresponding goods to the shopping cart. Besides, there is an opportunity to view the catalogue of the goods available in the store. The server part of the system is designed as a web service. Local caching with OrmLite, the ORM library for SQLite, is used for processing the obtained information about goods. Interaction with the web service is executed via the SOAP protocol. Queries on the client side are processed with the kSOAP library.


Client: a joint effort with the “7 sotok” company (cell communication retail chain), Russia, Volgograd
Area of use: domestic needs
Type (platform): Android
Technologies and algorithms in use: Android, Java, work with bar-codes (zxing library), SQLite, OrmLite, SOAP, kSOAP

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