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Recognition of delivery information

Developed for: Novapulsar, USA, New Jersey, Fort Lee

Purpose: text recognition in the photos of delivery table, forming JSON file with structured data from the tables

The application is designed to recognize tables with delivery information and to generate JSON file with structured data from the tables.

The system consists of a web service and a client application. Using the application, a user uploads the PDF file or takes a photo of the original spreadsheet that is automatically uploaded onto a web service.

Web-service performs OCR of the provided image or PDF file and generates JSON file with the recognized data as a response.

As a result, the recognition accuracy reached 98% for PDF files and more than 70% for photos.


Client: Novapulsar, USA, New Jersey, Fort Lee
Area of use: text recognition
Type (platform): ASP.NET, Android OS
Technologies and algorithms in use: С#, JavaScript, ASP.NET, JQuery, MSSQL, Windows Server, AJAX, JAVA, RestAPI

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