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Point Cloud Viewer

Developed for: Amberg Technologies AG, Switzerland, Regensdorf

Purpose: visualization of Large Point Clouds

The objective was to create a WPF component for visualizing a large point cloud (~ 10 million points) including for use on a Tablet PC. The component must provide the display of clouds with a user configurable level of detail, tools for resizing, rotating and panning the cloud as well as setting the maximum number of loaded points, the size of points during the rendering.

The research has shown that for large point clouds the operation of changing detail level takes an unacceptable time. Using the proposed algorithms based on k-dimensional tree and octree has significantly reduced the time of switching the level of detail.


Client: Amberg Technologies AG, Switzerland, Regensdorf
Area of use: visualization of Point Clouds
Type (platform): C++ library
Technologies and algorithms in use: C++, VTK, WPF, MFC

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