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Developed for: OOO “GeoPhysTechnika”, Saratov, Russia

Purpose: mapping potentials field in the environment

The given development is intended for simulation and calculation of rock conductivity. Its primary purpose is to select the appropriate probe parameters for the adequate mapping potential field in the environment. The library is applicable to 3D axially symmetrical and non-axially symmetrical electrostatics tasks for hybrid high-performance computational systems; compatibility with COMSOL format models is provided.
The work of the library is based on the finite element method (FEM) and is divided into the following stages: computational model setting, computational domain triangulation, FEM computation, post processing. A high operational speed is the main feature of the given development: as computations are parallelized on both CPU and GPU, the computation time here gets lower than with the COMSOL package; furthermore, the maximum error does not exceed 1%.


Client: OOO “GeoPhysTechnika”, Saratov, Russia
Area of use: geophysical researches, signal processing
Type (platform): C++-library
Technologies and algorithms in use: C++, Cusp, OpenMP, MPI, Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL), Triangle, finite element method (FEM)
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Related papers:

  1. Parallel computing in finite element analysis of geomagnetic vertical profiling / O.V. Shapovalov, V.V. Getmanskiy, D.I. Kryzhanovskiy, V.S. Chalyshev, S.E. Larin, P.S. Pavlov // International Conference HPC-UA'2012. – http://www.hpc-ua.org/sites/default/files/proceedings-2012/Proceedings%20of%20HPC-UA%202012.pdf
  2. Application of parallel computating in finite element analysis of the geomagnetic sounding / O.V. Shapovalov, V.V. Getmanskiy, V.S. Chalyshev, D.I. Kryzhanovskiy, S.E. Larin, P.S. Pavlov // Internet Science service: in search for the new solutions – 2012 (Novorossiysk, September 17-22, 2012) – P. 356 – 361. – http://agora.guru.ru/abrau2012/pdf/356.pdf

In 2012 the project won a laureate prize of the Intel contest “Computer continuum: from idea to creation

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