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RGK Mobile

Designed for ZAO «Top Systems», Moscow, Russia

Purpose: mobile version of the viewer of 3D-simulators of technologic products on the basis of russian geometric kernel (RGK)

As it is known, the mobile market is booming at the moment. A large number of applications are ported from desktop computers to mobile platforms. The RGK developers have decided to keep up with the trends and port the rapidly growing kernel to Android platform.

The continuation of the global project under the aegis of Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN” – Russian geometric kernel – is currently available on mobile devices running Android OS. At the beginning , the program for viewing models in the RGK interchange format has been developed. As previously reported, the “native” format of the RGK kernel is a cross-platform extensible XML-based format – RGK_XML. In the current version of the viewer, designed for Android (the minimum supported OS version 4.0 embraces a wide range of up-to-date mobile devices), the user can open previously created models by uploading them from a file, view them, rotate the model in any direction, adjust to scale, etc. The viewing program supports already familiar control by one or two fingers to accomplish the rotation or scaling of the model.

CMake, a cross-platform system, is used for the configuration of the project; it allows generating files for different assembly systems, i.e. assembling the original desktop application for the mobile platform. Graphics is implemented with OpenGL ES 2.0.

The project consisted of 3 parts. The RGK library, which has been transmitted from the desktop version entirely; the layer developed by us– the library on C++, which had been used by RGK and presented the interface for Java, as well as the implementation of the graphic interface on Java.

To date, the program is able to open and display the samples of both separate bodies and assembly samples. Complexity of the samples is limited by core memory of the mobile device. Testing has shown that the application can easily cope with quite complex samples.

Free demo version of the “RGK Mobile” mobile viewer is available to any interested person. You can download it in Google Play. The installation includes the viewing program itself, as well as several demonstration examples.


Client: ZAO «Top Systems», Moscow, Russia
Area of use: 3D modelling
Type (platform): Android
Technologies and algorithms in use: Java, NDK, OpenGL ES
More information:

Paper «Geometric kernel RGK. Mobile version»

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