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Robo Code Game Challenge (2015) competitions

Organizing Committee: OOO  Singularis Lab  (Volgograd)

Purpose: competitions on programming of the game strategies among the Volgograd State Technical University students

Activity: Competitions on the programming of the game strategies among the participants of the IV All-Russia Youth School on robotics

Date: 11 November 2015

Location: Volgograd State Technical University, the city of Volgograd.

Organizing Committee: OOO “Singularis Lab” (Volgograd)

Description: On November 11, 2015, there was an annual competition on the programming of the game strategies conducted among the participants of the IV All-Russia Youth School on robotics. This year, our developers presented the students with something new - RoboCGC (a combination of "fighting" robots and Code Game Challenge).

The competition was held on a markup field the size of 2´1 meters between the two "fighting" robots based on Intel® Galileo. Over the field, there was installed camera Intel® RealSense™, which detected the position of robots. Position information was transmitted to the players’ strategies, and then the decision of the next step was taken on the basis of the position. As a result, the decision was executed on robots.

Tournament software includes client and server, which are used during the internal part of the competition. The server allows for the sending a custom strategy for the compilation, receiving a compiled strategy and other participants’ compiled strategy and simulation with its participation.

Within five hours the competitors were scratching their heads, inventing and coding various game strategies, which are then fought among themselves. The final demonstration of the fighting took place at the end of the day. One and a half hours there was a real battle between robots on the basis of which the winners were determined.

For more information, please visit:

  • an article in the Singularis Lab blog on Habrahabr;
  • page on Roboschool website.

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