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Assembling of a robot on 6WD WildThumper chassis

Developed for: Volgograd State Technical University

Purpose: assembling of a robot on 6WD WildThumper chassis

The first stage of the project involves assembling a robot on 6WD WildThumper chassis and equipping it with a range finder, gyroscope, accelerometer and collision sensor. The skills obtained during assembling will be used further for teaching students at Volgograd State Technical University. Students are supposed to conduct research on control algorithm development and robot design. The goal of the project is the development of robotics at Volgograd State Technical University.


Client: Volgograd State Technical University
Area of use: robotics training, testing algorithms on control of robots
Type (platform): chassis Wild Thumper 6WD, motion sensor Asus Xtion PRO, rangefinder Sharp GP2Y0A02, gyroscope LISY300AL, accelerometer MMA7341L, digital distance sensor Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F, controller Freeduino

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