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Roof structures and Facade systems Design

Developed for: Developed for: OOO “Roof and Facade Center – Leader-N”, Russia, Volgograd

Purpose: calculating the number of building materials required for finishing a roof and facade

The given application is intended for the automated calculation of roof and facade materials. The program generates a 3D building model using a pattern with a flexible parameters range. The application works with the following material types: rolled roofing, European roof slates, tile effect roofing, roofing profile, and siding. The program output is quantitative data on consumption of roof and facade materials as well as fasteners and finishing accessories. Algorithms for calculation of the required materials and their effective configuration have been implemented.


Client: LLC Roof and Facade Center Leader-N, Russia, Volgograd
Area of use: construction
Type (platform): .NET (WPF)-application
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET, C#, WPF, Helix 3D Toolkit, computational geometry, computer graphics algorithms

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