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Analysis of the packages to run and work efficiently on a computing cluster Petastream

Developed for: RSK Group, Moscow, Russia

Purpose: the analysis of WRF, MILC and HPC Repast packages to run and work efficiently on the computing cluster Petastream consisting of computing nodes of Xeon Phi coprocessors

Within this project, the following packages have been investigated: MILC (the simulation software package by methods of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and strong interaction theory), HPC Repast (the agent-based modeling system implemented in the C ++ programming language is used for social simulation and calculation of global population characteristics that are difficult to predict following the rules that determine the behavior of agents) and the WRF meteopackage (software model for calculating the atmosphere state and weather forecasting). Each package has been assembled for the architecture of Intel® Xeon Phi ™; assembly instruction for the WRF meteopackage has also been developed. After assembling MILC and WRF packages, their testing has been held on the Petastream computing cluster and the most optimum parameters for calculation have been selected.


Client: RSK Group, Moscow, Russia
Area of use: promotion of Petastream clusters and actual computing the weather data on a Petastream cluster
Type (platform): Linux
Technologies and algorithms in use: Compiler Intel C++ Composer

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