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Training workshops management system

Developed for: «Russvell», Moscow, Russia

Purpose: automating the registration process of masters and models for the Customer’s workshops

The system is designed to manage the training workshops which are held by the Customer.

One of the main requirements was the ability to work offline. Administration Client works without network access. The administrator can synchronize changes with the server, using a developed mechanism for resolving conflicts with visualization of changes.

System components:

  • The desktop application is the main part of the system allowed studio supervisors to add and change information in the system.
  • The website is intended for beauty salons to record their masters for participation in workshops.
  • Web service of administration part is designed to synchronize changes made by different users in Administration Сlient.
  • Web service of client part provides information for the website.


Client: «Russvell», Moscow, Russia
Area of use: beauty services, management of events
Type (platform): Desktop and web applications
Technologies and algorithms in use: WPF, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, MS SQL, OpenXML, SQL CE
More information:

website: http://studio.wella.ru/

speeding up registration process of event participants

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