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Singularis market oriented product

Purpose: spell-check of an entire website

If a website is updated regularly, it will be difficult to track all misspells and incorrectly copied texts. Marking also hinders spell checking on the website, for instance, a part of the text is in the pop-down menu, and a part of the text is on the page. The project is a solution of these problems. The system automatically scans the site and the whole references tree inside the site, gets the text and checks its spelling. The indicated misspells are highlighted on the “live” site, thus simplifying their localization on the page. The system’s user is able to adjust the site’s scanning according to the schedule, develop one’s own vocabularies, which will be used while spell checking, as well as view the scanning reports.


Client: Singularis market oriented product
Area of use: tracking of all misspells and incorrectly copied texts in the content of a website
Type (platform): ASP.NET
Technologies and algorithms in use: C#, .NET, MVC, NHibernate

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