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The mobile application of the automated information system "Street and road network"

Developed for: «Softline», Moscow, Russia

Purpose: the fixation and transmission of information about infraction in provision of urban amenities

Our task was to revise and implement the modified functions in the mobile application of the automated information system "Street and road network". The application is designed to fix and transmit information about an infraction in the sphere of municipal improvements. The inspector and the user - two roles are implemented in the application. The user can make a claim of infractions, indicating geolocation data; subsequently, this claim is under consideration of the inspector. The claim may be rejected or turned to the status of the infraction.

Within the project, the following tasks were accomplished:

  • List filtering and paging of infractions and claims were developed
  • A mechanism of delayed sending geolocation coordinates was implemented
  • The accuracy of tracking GPS coordinates was improved.


Client: «Softline», Moscow, Russia
Area of use: monitoring the state of urban amenities and street and road network
Type (platform): Windows Phone 8, 8.1
Technologies and algorithms in use: Windows Phone 8, 8.1, C#

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