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“Svyaznoy.Travel” client

Developed for: «Softline», Moscow, Russia

Purpose: searching for flight tickets and purchasing them

The mobile client of searching for flight tickets and purchasing them provides an opportunity to organize a trip literally on the move using only your mobile device. A flexible system of selecting flight options allows booking and purchasing tickets in a few minutes. Among others, the following unique features of the application ensuring comfortable use can be identified: the function of managing detail level for search using gestures, algorithms of work with the database to ensure the stable operation of the system under a load of 100 000-500 000 users, the use of e-mail and SMS mailing to notify users of the system. Moreover, the subsystem of processing and storing personal user data is implemented within the system. Our task was the implementation of the user interface for Android platform and its integration with the customer business logic.


Client: «Softline», Moscow, Russia
Area of use: Travel (planning and organization)
Type (platform): Android
Technologies and algorithms in use: Android, Java

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