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Singularis market oriented product

Purpose: calculating optimum sheet stock layout

The program is intended for automated sheet materials cutting. Compared to multiple similar products, it has been originally optimized for the up-to-date multi-core computers and is characterized by the easy user-friendly interface, with no excessive functionality. The elaborated heuristic algorithms have enabled to perform calculations faster than other similar programs and obtain a layout with the smaller share of wastes. Computation time is significantly reduced due to the effective use of the up-to-date multi-core computers.


Client: Singularis market oriented product
Area of use: sheet materials layout design, construction
Type (platform): .NET (WPF)-application
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET, C#, WPF, C++, parallel programming, OpenMP, genetic algorithms, multicriteria optimization
More information:

http://switchcut.singularis-lab.com – web-site with a detailed program description, options, purchasing terms and support

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