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TerraDS Reporting

Developed for: Advertising agency “Terralife” (OOO “TERRA-Digital Group”), Moscow, Russia

Purpose: monitoring the results of promotional campaigns carried out on the Internet through Google Analytics

The application allows obtaining Google Analytics service data about the website traffic and multi-channel conversions. The acquired data are divided into groups according to various traffic receipt channels using adjustable filters. The application provides building general reports containing all channels information and enables sorting the data by additional indicators (“Drill Down” technique) as well as generating detailed reports containing the specific information about a selected channel. The program also allows importing data about planned target indicators and building “Plan/Actual” reports. The data can be imported from various external website traffic analysis systems through the Microsoft Excel files. The generated reports can be exported to Excel or PDF files. A high granular authorization is implemented in the current system, which enables the control of user access to the data of various websites.


Client: Advertising agency “Terralife” (OOO “TERRA-Digital Group”), Moscow, Russia
Area of use: conducting advertizing campaigns on the Internet, click stream (website traffic) analysis
Type (platform): ASP.NET-application
Technologies and algorithms in use: Google Analytics, .NET, NHibernate, MS SQL, ASP.NET MVC 4, JavaScript

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