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А pilot project within Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009

Purpose: human health monitoring system and emergency response procedures

In one’s day-to-day activities, a person may happen to face an emergency, where he\she is unable to initiate an emergency alarm. Due to the rapid development of information technologies, there is a great variety of tools to solve this problem. Specifically, the Global Positioning System (GPS), SMS messages, WCF technologies, combined together, allow creating a service for preventing the adverse outcome of emergencies in everyday life or minimizing response time, the most critical resource. Within the project, the safety support system involves the use of various technologies. High-performance servers are intended for analysis of the complex scenarios. Client applications on the Windows Mobile platform, etc. operate as a whole with additional hardware, including biosensors and GPS navigators. A range of functions is implemented at the client side. Web interface of standard workstations allows viewing statistics, maps, critical areas, danger level, etc. The system is intended to complete the following tasks:

  • Diagnosis of the person’s health condition based on his\her biological parameters
  • Automatic alarm initiation
  • Use of geographical data for determination of risk groups in dangerous natural environments
  • Automatic notification to the closest life-saving services


Client: a pilot project within Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009
Area of use: public health, life quality improvement, leisure, mHealth
Type (platform): a cross-platform system that includes Administrator and User Web-clients and User mobile client (Windows Mobile)
Technologies and algorithms in use: NET, C#, ASP.NET, .NET Compact, Windows Mobile, WCF, MS SQL, work with GPS
More information:

  • In March 2009, the project took the 1st prize in the quarterfinal of Microsoft Imagine Cup in the Southern Federal district
  • In April 2009,  the project took the 3rd prize in the semifinal of Microsoft Imagine Cup in Russia (all-Russia final)
  • In May 2009, the project took the 2nd prize in Softline Dev Generation 2009
  • The system is patented, No. 2010610835 of January 26, 2010 (priority date is December 3, 2009)
  • Related papers:
    • Project: Red Alert / V. V. Getmanskiy, A. V. Kataev, D. I. Kryzhanovskiy, D. S. Osintsev, V. A. Yarovenko // Microsoft technologies in programming theory and practice: works of the VIth All-Russia students’, post-graduates’ and young scientists’ conference. Southern region, Taganrog, March 20 – 21, 2009. – Taganrog: Publishing House of the Taganrog Institute of Technology, Southern Federal University 2009. – ISBN 978-5-8327-0271-1. – p. 80 – 90.

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