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Twidium Inviter

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Purpose: the program for the promotion of Twitter accounts

The application allows managing Twitter account subscribers, searching and following accounts according to specified criteria and filters in an automated mode. The program offers four different types of projects - for following and unfollowing accounts. Created projects are launched for parallel execution, allowing the user to perform different operations on the set of one’s accounts simultaneously. The program allows working with Twitter through all types of proxy servers and provides a mechanism to simulate human activity, doing everything to protect your accounts from being banned on Twitter. The program also allows configuring the start-up of projects on schedule, supports import / export of Twitter accounts and proxies, generates reports on the results of projects. Utilities of generating tweets based on a template, getting tags in different countries, getting followers or unfollowers of Twitter account are implemented in the program.


Client: SP L.B. Kofman
Area of use: Twitter account followers management, the increase in the number of readers, accounts promotion
Type (platform): .NET application
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET, LibCURL, Twitter API, NHibernate, SQLite.

development of the WPF-forms

the increase in the speed of registering parcels arriving at the point of delivery