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The portal of transport logistics of the company "VOLMA"

Developed for: Management company "VOLMA", Volgograd, Russia


The system for management and support of applications for transportations, and communication between shippers and freight carriers

The portal of transport logistics is an information system by which the shipper choses a freight carrier by the parameters set in the system. Users can conduct tenders for transportations with chosen routes and delivery period. Several methods of assigning the transportation requests are available in the system:

  • by tender won between freight carriers;
  • by rating that forms on the basis of history of executions transportation from the chosen shipping point;
  • by auction between freight carriers;
  • manually by shipper logistician.

Users can set claims to conducted transportations. As the creator of the application for transportation, and its contractor can be author of a claim.

The system support documentary flow between shippers and freight carriers, forming reports and creating diagrams.

Data of the portal is synchronized with SAP ERP deployed on the customer's side through the REST API.



Management company "VOLMA", Volgograd, Russia

Area of use: transport logistics
Type (platform): ASP.NET Web API-application
Technologies and algorithms in use: C#, ASP.NET Web API, Elasticsearch, MS SQL Server, RabbitMQ, WebSocket, SignalR, React, Flux, CQRS, Event Sourcing

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