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Developed for: BrightArch www.brightarch.com

Purpose: Human Resources (HR) management under the Company Structure Reorganization

The application is a web version of application “Organization Weaver”. The given application is intended for use by HR specialists dealing with changing organizational structure in case of a reorganization or several companies merger. Its main purpose is to organize the creation of the staff for the new organization obtained by merging several old ones or restructuring old one. The application has an intuitive modern interface through which users can easily solve the problem of the company reorganization and build reports of its structure.


Client: BrightArch AS, Norway, Oslo
Area of use: Human Resources management
Type (platform): ASP.NET MVC application
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, VB.NET, NHibernate, MS SQL, AngularJs, WCF
More information:

BrightArch web-site page

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