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Well shape reconstruction

Developed for: OOO “GeoPhysTechnika”, Saratov, Russia

Purpose: well shape analysis based on the test data received during the field works

The application is intended for the well shape analysis based on data received during the field surveys of rock layers. The data of experimental measurements are passed to the application as a set of points serving as a basis for the well profile building, being elliptic in the first approximation. A well cut shape is restored due to the algorithm multiple reiterations, using the least squares method; thus, an intermediate result approximates to the actual well cut with every next iteration. Within the reconstruction process, the well cut parameters are gradually determined – namely, its axis and deviation of the supposed initial center from the computed one. A resultant well shape is generated by the contour approximation through the Akima spline and coordinate system shift to the center design point.
In the early stages of the project, the well cuts were depicted in their simplified elliptic shapes; however, the current application version enables to build more complex shapes, which give a better representation of the actual well. The application allows reducing the number of experimental measurements while exploring ground and rock layers and simulation using the computed shapes.


Client: OOO “GeoPhysTechnika” , Saratov, Russia
Area of use: geophysical researches, surface reconstruction
Type (platform): .NET-classes library
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET, C#, parallel computations (Task Parallel Library), computational geometry, least squares method, eigenproblems
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