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Developed for: OOO “ComponentAce”, Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Purpose: .NET component for work with ZIP archives

The program is a .NET component enabling to work with ZIP, TAR, and GZip archive formats. Its major purpose is to minimize time spent by programmers to write file archivers. Compression and decompression algorithms can be used, referring to simple and clear functions. The component allows developing terabyte archives, conducting files search within the archive; it also includes transactions system. Supported development environments are the following: Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010. In addition to the standard archiving operations, the methods were developed to work with archives in real time. They are focused on reading a data stream without using an additional place to store the archived file and on recording the stream while an archive is created. The product is supplemented with a comprehensive documentation including a detailed user manual and examples of its use.


Client: OOO “ComponentAce”, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Area of use: intended for development of the applications supporting ZIP-archives
Type (platform): .NET-component
Technologies and algorithms in use: .NET, C#; ZIP, TAR, and GZip archive formats; real-time data compression
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ComponentAce web-site page

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