Quaterfinal passed - Semifinal is coming

publication date: October 17, 2015

The Southern Subregional (NEERC) Contest, a quarterfinal of ACM ICPC in the Southern and Volga regions of Russia, took place in Saratov State University on October 14.

This year we trained three teams of VSTU students. And the competition was very tense: 74 teams fought for achieving the next round, and it was the maximum amount of the teams in all the Southern Subregional Contest history, involving in 25 % more participants than normally. The competition results were absolutely unpredictable: Nizhny Novgorod State University team came out with a renovated staff and got the 1st place; young university Innopolis from Kazan participated in the contest for the first time, and its students approved university's high level and got the 2nd place.

Totally 13 teams achieved the semifinal in this year. It was especially gaily, that our team VSTU #2 (Gorbushin, Kichatov, Trun) was in top lines of the tournament table during all the five hours and got the 6th place. The team VSTU #1 (Agafonov, Nozdrenkov, Ngo) also achieved the semifinal. The team VSTU #3 (Nosov, Penskoy, Khomich) also was surprising: they were very close to the semifinal line; and taking into account that they were a young team and participated in the contest first, we can say that it was a very good result.

But the most important thing is coming. On December 6, in a legendary university ITMO, there'll be North-Eastern European Regional Contest (semifinal), where 200 teams from Russia, Baltic states, Belarus, Transcaucasia and Central Asia will take part. The prize will be achieving World Final, the chance to present our country at the highest level competition and glorify our city.

Our students will have 50 days of intensive training. May the success be with them!!!

The quarterfinal standing are available here: http://contest.sgu.ru/monitor/1