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Geometric kernel (3D): object generation and 3D model analysis (the part of RGK project)

Developed for: ZAO “Top Systems”, Moscow

Purpose: a geometric kernel (3D) organized as a library for later use in CAD systems

The given development is a part of a large-scale project on creation of a national geometric kernel, carried out by "Top Systems" company (the authors of T-FLEX software) and Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN”. Professional teams of programmers from various cities of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States were engaged in the project, and our team was responsible for one of the development directions.

In the long-term run, the 3D kernel designed within the current project shall serve a basis for the whole range of the up-to-date and competitive applications enabling solutions to the manufacture design and process preparation tasks, specifically in machine-tool building and industry in general.

The geometric kernel is a library of functions and classes designed to generate geometric objects (such as a point, a segment, a piece of a surface, a solid body), change their shape and size, create new objects based on existing ones, visualize a 3D model on a computer screen and exchange 3D data with the other applications. The project outcome will be a set of the program components serving as a basis for application development for further use in simulation, design, and machine-building industry.


Client: ZAO “Top Systems”, Moscow
Area of use: automated design systems, computer graphics
Type (platform): C++-library (with the versions compatible with Windows and Linux)
Technologies and algorithms in use: C++, OpenCL, computational mathematics and computational geometry algorithms related to the development of geometric and topologic objects integrated into 3D models as well as the quality analysis of geometric models
More information:

Press Release at isicad.ru.
mobile client at Google Play

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